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why does this prop up NOW, of all times ?!

damn you serlock bbc and sherlock/watson 09. there's entirely too much good stuff to read and I have absolutely no time at all ! dammit! have to read the rest of House on the Borderland and Watership Down and now, as always, there's so much other - infinitely more interesting - stuff to read.

damitt, damn, fucking damn. there's gotta be a reason for that. some Murphy's Law or anything... or at least somebody I can actually blackmail for their damn timing - . - ' '

not that I complain about all these brilliant Sherlock fics out there, keep that in mind! it's just the damn unfortunate timing!

on second thoughts, to hell with it. gonna read the interesting stuff (fanfic) NOW and the... other stuff...later. on the train or... somewhere. well, at least Watership Down is gonna be worth it I think. still, no Sherlock in it, so it probably won't beat fanfic, sry rabbits.
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