December 10th, 2009

welcome to thewindsbride's chronicles ^0^!

well, I had had this account for months but never really posted anything - probably cause I thought, I'd better wait till I figured out how everything works here and all. To be honest, I still don't get some things:D. So, I figured I just start now.

This journal will probably be both in German and English, depending on what topic I'm talking about. Like, fanfics and all will be mostly in English. I will also leave a link to my account.

I just moved from Hanover to Düsseldorf to study English and Japanese here, therefore I'll post some photos to let the people from Hanover know how it looks like here^^. Yes, I mean you people :D!

Ahh~, I'm sure I wanted to write more^^°. So, this will probably get updated a few times^^

So, onwards now! Have fun!

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